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Limitations of economics

Democracy Is All It Takes


Roads and Anarcho-Capitalism

Nothing Wrong with a Little Money Hoarding

Alien invasion!

Comments on Crime and Poverty

Immigration: Building Bridges Where There Is No Water

The Rectification of Names in Politics

A Critique of Sraffa's Commodities

Why Modern Art Is So Awful

The Recording Industry's Bigger Problem

Looking at Consciousness

On the whole "Nordic countries are Socialist" meme animated-hot-image

Losing Faith in Statistics

Misuse of Citation

LUKE'S TWITTER animated-hot-image

Save the World with Conspicuous Consumption!

Translating God

Where Do Protests Get Us?

What is not natural

Anyone Can Be a Doomsayer...


Diphthongization in Romance Language

How to Judge a Book by Its Cover

Why Passive Voice Should Be Used

On the Efficient Market Hypothesis

We need to start studying NPCs scientifically

Everything People Say About the Media Is True

Little-Known Fallacious Arguments

Why People Do and Don't Leave Religion

Using statistics to look smart

Why Johnny Can't French

On Free Intermigration in North America

How to Manipulate with Language

The Novelty of Conservative Values

The Framework of Grammar and the Michel Thomas Method

The American School of Economics

The Future History of Cuba

On the Quran

Hazy Hours on the Internet

Abortion in Social Moralityanimated-hot-image animated-laughing-baby

What's the Matter with Massachusetts?

What's Wrong with Hipsters? (Everything)

Gender and language

University Values: Novel, Implied Then Derided

Don't Be Too Worried About a Robot Takeover

Education and Human Spirit

My Gripes with Mainstream Economics

The fundamentalism opportunity

When Progressives Are on the "Wrong Side of History"

Emergent Acedemic Phenomena

Unexpectedly Bad Movies

The Leninist Narrative of Imperialism

Machine and Human Intelligence

The Computational Theory of Mind

On secular morality animated-religion-image

The Problems with Utilitarianism

"Why Waste Your Vote on a Third Party?"

Chinese is Inconceivably Easy

Why Not to Debate

2021 Election

How an Open Media Makes People More Dogmatic

Politics Is Just LARPing

Against the Neil deGrasse Tyson-ization of Science

Sociobiology and Progressivism

Some Signs You Are a Terrible Teacher

"I Have Nothing to Hide" and Comments on Totalitarianism

Maurice Allais

Ron Paul

Stamp an Apple Logo on Anything and People Will Buy It

Rosetta Stone and Other Ways to Waste Money

Alex Jones, increasingly BASED, now even more banned from everything

Trump is Great, Hilarious and I Hope He Wins

The Internet: The Greatest Source of Knowledge and Stupidity

The Moral Obligation of Consciousness?

Is a Bachelor's Degree Worth It?

Innovation: Why Old Dogs Don't Invent New Tricks

In Defense of "Pseudoscience"

Deconstructing the Towel of Babel

I'll Vote for Any Politician Who Promises to Destroy Jobs

Conversational Latin

Customizability Is Not a Virtue

The Division of Labor

The nature of discovery

Nassim Taleb on IQ, and what is IQ anyway?

Libertarianism as a Gateway Drug to Reaction

The Infant Problem

Cheap IT: The Google Model

Wishful Thinking: Non-Overlapping Magisteria

Western Self and the Society of China

Journalists are slime

The Republican Endgame?

Only Mediocre Minds Nitpick.

What's So Good About Private Property?

The Arab Spring Versus Democratic Eschatology

Perfect Competition

(Reason vs. Passion) vs. Heuristics